Consumer Guarantees Override Warranties

Posted by Dean McKinnon on 8 July 2021
The Australian Consumer Law protects consumers by providing automatic guarantees on products and services regardless of the manufacturer warranties. For example, if you purchased a sports watch and the seller provided a one-year warranty, but the watch broke 15 months after you purchased it, under the Australian Consumer Laws the seller must fix or replace the watch or refund the money to you. There are different timeframes for different types of goods, so if you have an issue with a pr...
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#Everyoneneedsaplan to Protect Their Identity from Criminals

Posted by G. Dean McKinnon on 17 November 2020
Increasingly, the threat from criminals stealing your identity to arrange credit in your name has become a significant problem. In the high-tech world we now live in, it is virtually impossible not to have your identity exposed to the possibility that it may be stolen and used by criminals. Most of us now complete our everyday transactions via the Internet using our credit card and other details.  Even the government now requires you to use their services online, including providin...
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#Everyoneneedsaplan To Make Sure That Not Paying Too Much for Electricity

Posted by G. Dean McKinnon on 16 November 2020

Following is a link to a website that will allow you to compare energy providers in your area, so you can determine if you are paying the right amount for your electricity and gas:

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#Everyoneneedsaplan to Get Their Goods Back If a Customer Does Not Pay

Posted by G. Dean McKinnon on 16 November 2020
If you are supplying goods to a customer on credit, and the customer goes out of business, it may be a difficult process to get your goods back. One way to make sure you are legally entitled to take your goods back is to register your interest on the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR). If the process is completed properly, your interest in the goods may take precedence over banks and outstanding tax debts Following is a link to the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) we...
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#everyoneneedsaplan When Using JobMaker Hiring Credit Incentive Scheme to Hire New Employees for New Positions

Posted by G. Dean McKinnon on 11 November 2020
The federal government's JobMaker Hiring Credit stimulus package is to be available to eligible employers over 12 months from 7 October, 2020. Employers can receive up to $10,400 per new employee that has been hired to fill a new position. The key point to remember is that the position must be new, and is not applicable if the employer hires a new employee to fill an existing position in the business. Eligible employees aged 16-29 years will receive $200 per week. Eligible emplo...
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